Archives and Record Management

Archival Basics: An Introduction to Archives
45-60 minutes
Designed for individuals and groups charged with caring for their organization’s historical records. Receive practical guidance on the basics of managing and caring for important historical documents, including information about what materials should be preserved, and how to preserve, organize and store those important records. The presentation will conclude with tips for those who are considering donating their materials to an archival repository.

Personal Archiving: Paper Documents
45-60 minutes
Learn how to preserve and protect your family’s personal historical records. Paper-based documents will be the focus of this presentation and will cover items such as letters, printed photographs, newspapers and scrapbooks.

Personal Archiving: Digital Documents
45-60 minutes
Learn the basics of preserving and organizing personal digital information. The archivist will discuss preserving digital photographs, video and email.

Personal Archiving: Pros and Cons of Scanning Your Archive
45-60 minutes
Digital copies of family photographs and documents play an important role in protecting fragile originals and facilitate sharing among family members. However, digitization is not preservation and the newly-created digital resource must also be managed and preserved. Hershey Community Archives’ archivist will discuss issues to consider prior to scanning your personal collections as well as a basic tutorial on scanning.

Hershey Community Archives: The Archives' Collection and the Stories They Tell
50 minutes
Explore Hershey’s rich history through some of the many materials found in the Archives’ collections. See rare photographs, historic maps, business records and historic product packaging.