Collections at The Hershey Story Museum

The Force behind Hershey’s American Indian Museum: John G. Worth
40 mins
Hershey's first museum, the American Indian Museum, opened in 1933. Explore the origins of that first museum and learn more about the man who assembled the original collection: John G. Worth. How did this citizen of the “Wild West” end up creating a museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania?

Life of a Collector: George H. Danner
30-45 minutes
Learn about the life of George H. Danner and his goals in creating a museum of Pennsylvania German life in Manheim, Pennsylvania. Following Danner's death, the collection was purchased by Milton Hershey in 1935. It dramatically expanded the scope of the former Hershey Museum. Similarities between Mr. Danner and Mr. Hershey are explored, including their shared vision in leading a philanthropic life.